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    2021码排Mrs. Tenssen shook him by the hand. She regarded him with a wider amiability now that he was departing.


    The gong sounded.
    "There is a real reason. I told you. My mother——"
    "Oh, poor, poor girl! . . . Did you promise your mother that you would marry her?"


    1."Yes, I really want to," she answered.
    2."Oh, you're always right, aren't you?"
    3.The first thing about all this since I wrote last is that it has rained incessantly. I don't believe that there has ever been such a wet month as this July since the Flood, and rain is especially awful here because so many of the ceilings seem to have glassy bits in them, and the rain makes a noise exactly like five hundred thunderstorms, and you have to shriek to make yourself heard, and I hate shrieking. Then it's very depressing, because all the palms shiver in sympathy, and it's so dark that you have to turn on the electric light which makes every one look hideous. But I don't[Pg 154] care, I don't care about anything! I'm so happy, Henry, that I—There! I nearly let the secret out. I know that I shan't be able to keep it for many more letters and I told him yesterday—— No, I won't. I must keep my promise.
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